ULTRA OS Notion Template

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Ultra OS is a complete all-in-one digital Notion template x productivity planner for your personal & professional life.

With 28 ready-to-use templates for daily, weekly, & monthly productivity planning, you'll never miss a deadline or forget an important task again. Say goodbye to procrastination & hello to productivity.

What's Included?

- Ultra Dashboard
+ Calendar
+ Project Inbox
+ To-Do
+ Notes

- Life
+ Morning Journal
+ Goals
+ Habits
+ Mission Statement

- Organization
+ Meeting Notes
+ Files Manager
+ Monthly Budget
+ Track
+ Contract Manager
+ Media Manager

- Planners
+ Launch Planner
+ Social Media Planner
+ Job Interview Planner
+ Event Planner
+ Travel Planner
+ Pros & Cons

- Personal Growth
+ Manifest
+ Sobriety

- Creative
+ Tutorials
+ Mood Board

+ More Micro-Sections
+ Free Updates for Life
+ 24/7 Customer Support

Important Details:

After purchase, you will automatically receive a PDF that contains a complete guide & a private link to download + duplicate Ultra OS. Ultra OS runs on Notion, so you’ll need a free Notion account. Notion is 100% free & works on virtually any device.

If you have questions on how to get Notion or use Ultra OS, we’re always here to help.

About Good Job Productivity Planners:

We're a small team of Canadian digital designers who have been creating productivity planners since 2019. We started making productivity planners for people who (like us) suffer from adult ADHD. We even won a few awards for our design work.

When we stumbled across Notion, we immediately knew that we wanted to bring our years of experience designing ADHD productivity planners into the digital world. But being new to digital planners, our main focus was to build trust with quality planners. That's why we spent over a year creating Ultra to make sure our first impression was perfect.

This isn't just a sales pitch, we really are proud of Ultra. This year-long productivity planner project of ours really is remarkable & has helped a lot of people get organized, focused, productive, & stress-free while battling ADHD.

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Last updated Feb 11, 2024

Ultra OS: Notion Template

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ULTRA OS Notion Template

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