RECHARGE 🔋 | Mental Health Notion Template | Notion Dark Mode | Journal for Mental Wellness, Mindfulness, Healing, Anxiety, Self-Care & Self-Love

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Recharge Your Mind, Body & Soul. Use Recharge to feel in control of your life & take a step towards improved mental wellness & mindfulness today.

Prioritize your mental health and feel recharged. With RECHARGE, you can actively and effectively work on improving your mental wellbeing. From mindfulness practices to self-care routines, this dark mode Notion template self-care planner is your daily guide to a healthier mind.

RECHARGE is not just another Notion self care planner, it's your personal assistant to create calmness in a chaotic digital world. Crafted to enhance mindfulness and support self-care practices, this Notion template offers a unique way to organize your thoughts using journals, goals using trackers and daily self-love activities in an aesthetically pleasing Notion dark mode dashboard.

1. Feel Recharged & Prioritize Your Mental Wellness with Ease.

Embrace a more mindful, tranquil lifestyle with the RECHARGE Mental Health Notion Planner Dark Mode Template. Specifically designed to enhance self-care and mental health practices, this easy to use all-in-one Notion template allows for seamless planning and journaling. Make self-love a daily habit, not an afterthought.

2. Elevate Your Mental Wellness Journey & Leave Burn Out Behind.

Experience a more mindful lifestyle with Recharge, the most advanced dark mode Notion template for self-care. Its features such as journals, gratitude lists, reading lists, and reminders are designed to uplift your mental wellness, promote self-care and love while helping you manage anxiety effectively. Start your path towards healing today.

3. Feel Focused & In Control of Your Life.

Take control of your mental wellness with a customized tool designed for mindfulness, self-care, and self-love. Our dark mode Notion template features self-care trackers such as Goals, Habits, Manifestations, Sobriety, Medication Tracker & more for a holistic approach to mental health.

What’s Included:

Notion Dark Mode Self Care Template

5-Minute Morning + Evening Routines:

Morning Journal

Morning Gratitude 

Evening Journal

Evening Gratitude

Inspiration Manager:

Reading List


YouTube Videos

Healthy Reminders:

Life Lessons

Stop Overthinking



Motivation Support:


To-Do Checklist

Dark Mode Habit Tracker

Sobriety Support Guide 

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Last updated Feb 11, 2024

RECHARGE Notion Self-Care Planner

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RECHARGE 🔋 | Mental Health Notion Template | Notion Dark Mode | Journal for Mental Wellness, Mindfulness, Healing, Anxiety, Self-Care & Self-Love

13 ratings
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